5 Simple Signs That He Is Into You


Guys are straight forward when it comes to liking women; they are not complicated in nature like most girls. But there are times that they are hard to read, difficult to read the signs or understand their thoughts and you can’t really tell if he really likes you or just being friendly. Sometimes they might give us the wrong impression, since most guys are natural flirt; they could even flirt with their friends. So, sometimes what you thought is a sign of something could mean that he is just being friendly towards you.

Unless of course if he tells you that he likes you and confesses with his feelings for you, but if you could dare ask, then it would best to ask him, maybe you could put it into a joke or something not too serious. But, if you know how to spot the real signs, it’s actually easier to tell if a guy likes you than if a girl likes you. Here are 5 simple signs you should look into your guy, that will give you a hunch if he is into you;

1. He calls a lot. If a guy likes you, he would often call or text or in short always around. This is one sure sign of guy interested – determination. Sometimes, they would just call for no reason, just want to hear your voice and ask how you are.

But, sometimes guys would play a game and not call at all, as if trying to test the waters and see how deep you feel for them, it is hard when you get this type of guy, but you feel the difference of a guy trying to ignore to a guy who really doesn’t notice or mind about you. It’s gut feeling they call it, you’ll feel it.

2. He asks information about you. If a guy likes he will try to get to know more about you and those around you. Not that he is trying to measure your personality but he wants to weigh himself and know how he may fit into your life. He’d start asking you about your dreams and goals in life, about your family and then ask your friends and the people who know you. He would want to know even the little things like your favorite food, color and other stuff that concerns you.

3. He is thoughtful and generous with you. If a guy likes you, he’ll buy you presents and flowers or stuff that you like whenever they try to see you. They’d be their sweetest possible way, a simple gesture to show you are special, cared and always thought of. Some guys would also ask you out for dinner to get to know you even better and be intimate. He will always make time for you no matter how busy he may be and he doesn’t mind doing things for you and always find time to see you, give you a call, text or even just to say hi. They make ways to be felt.

4. He is different with you. You can tell if a guy really likes by the way he speaks with you. He will be very different, gentle, amiable, kind and sweet when he talks to you unlike when he talks with others or his friends.

5. He is either there or pretending to ignore you. Guys sometimes can really be weird. If there are those who find ways for you to notice them, there are also some who would as if ignore you and really do it in purpose. It’s not really because they don’t like you, they do but they do it in purpose, because they are afraid of looking like an idiot and find it hard to strike a conversation with you. These are the shy type of guys.

Situations may be different, since every guy is different and unique from the other, but they are quite similar in ways when it comes to women. Nobody though can tell better than yourself, your gut feeling will somehow tell what he intends for you, some women deny the truth in the hopes that the guy will eventually change minds and fall for them. If ever you find out that he isn’t into you, then what the heck? There are more fish in the ocean, let it go and explore for more.


Places To Meet Great Women


Let us face it, as we get older, the chances of meeting women becomes little and limited. Except for those we meet at work, but more often than not, they are already married and of course we don’t want to mess around with colleagues.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to meet great women. Maybe you have just been too busy lately to mind at all or you don’t think about it, perhaps too you’ve gone to the wrong places.

Before you start searching for the women you want, you have to consider certain things, who you want to meet and of the places you go to;

-          It must be recurring. You should go to a place where you’ll get to meet the same person almost every day. How can you build friendship with someone you only get to see ones and never again? Make sure that she goes there every time, that way you will be able to meet her constantly.

-          What sort of women go there. It doesn’t mean because you want to meet women, you can just go anywhere; you don’t want to meet a hooker, right? If you want to meet great and decent women, then go to places where decent people go. Don’t go to the bars or sidewalks and disco pubs, not unless of course if you want something else. You will never find decent women in those places, maybe some but chances are very small to never.

Now that you what to consider in places you go to, it will be easier for you to choose where to go. But before you go to these places, consider this fact; women like men who are on top of themselves. Not that you have to boast and make yourself noticed by making a scene. They like leaders, who excel in something, a man who stands out from the rest of the guys.

So, think about what you’re good at, what you like, your passion and interests and something you know and have the knowledge about. Say if you are a good athlete or good in some type of sport then go to a place where the main thing is your sports, instead of going to a salsa class where you have no knowledge about, you get what it means? Be in a place where they play your thing.

Best places to go to would be are;

-          Sports Arena – where people who loves sports go, playing football, basketball, soccer, baseball or volleyball, hockey, tennis and more…

-          Music Lounge – place for people who find passion in music, singing and karaoke…

-          Dance Classes – people whose passion are into dancing, all sort of dance genre like contemporary, hip-hop, ballet, Latin and standard ballroom and others.

-          Gym and Aerobic Classes – you’ll meet great women here and likewise keep yourself fit and in shape, bigger chances of attracting women.

-          Diners and Coffee Shops – most working women go to these places for breakfast and lunch or dinner or stop by for a take-out.

There are other places you could go to, like Art Galleries, if you are into arts or you can also join in Charities or Community Outreach Programs where you don’t only meet good women but help do well for others as well. It really depends on what sort of women you want to meet and what you look forward to in meeting them. Good luck with the search.


What A Girl Wants, What A Girl Needs

What A Girl Wants, What A Girl Needs

It is hard to read a girl’s mind; they are complicated creatures in some sort of way. They like to talk in riddles, doing mind reading, they act differently from how they feel and think and expect you to understand them and when you don’t, they will view you as insensitive and uncaring, but when you do read their mind, they will exaggerate things to make even little things worse. In other words, girls are intentionally crazy, over acting and are in serious need of attention.

Although there are some who are not like that, good for them but majority of girls are unfortunately like that. So if you are a guy and is digging on this girl for quite some time now, my advice is just be yourself and let her be what and how she is and then, take it from there. Girls maybe complicated, but if you know how to spot the signs, it is rather easy to tell when they are into you or falling for you.

Here are 3 simple ways to tell how;

1. Attention. If a girl likes you, she will often respond to you when you try to communicate with her, she is always interested and available. Girls who are not interested would be intentionally busy and try to be unresponsive and uninterested to cut off the conversation when you are having one with her.

But, sometimes they will do their crazy thing and force you to be a psycho expert, you know what that means? Read their silence.

Sometimes, they will try to be as if uninterested in you, not that they don’t but this is their way to gauge how far you will go, so instead of chasing and forcing them to respond, try to put the distance as well, play her thing. Make sure though that she notices you and act as if you don’t notice her and that you don’t mind at all that she doesn’t exist or that you don’t mind her not noticing you. I know it is crazy for you, but if a girl likes you, she will definitely react to this, girls can’t stand it when you play her style. Just give it some time, but if she really doesn’t react at all, then maybe she isn’t that into you.

2.  Gestures. The saying “action speaks louder than words” is indeed true. Girls may not say that they like you but their actions will tell they do. Look closer when you are with her – can’t she look you in the eye when you look through her eyes? Does she play and twirl with her hair when you talk? Does she easily blush and shy away when you compliment her? Does she stumble when you are around? Does she check on you when you are not looking? Does she laugh even at your dullest joke?… These are just some of the gestures you have to look into, normally if a girl likes you, she will display these things but if she doesn’t, she will never show any of these, for sure.

3. Information. Girls who are interested will dig as much information as they can. If they could even Google you, they would. They might check on your accounts on social networks to see who are there, ask your friends and people who you know about you, your life, your past relationships, who you are with, where you live and anything else about you.

So, if you hear from a friend or two say that she asked about you, oh man! You just got it. It is a sure thing, because if a girl doesn’t like you, they will care the least and more so, bother to ask about you.

Situations may be different, but girls are girls and they are somewhat alike in those ways. Sometimes too, gut feeling will tell you, I think you will know it right then if she likes you, in a way you can.