The Kama Sutra Book

I. Introductory
The Kama Sutra Book section contains five chapters explaining the three major objectives of man and his priorities in life which are the following: the attainment of knowledge, the conduct of well-bred townsman and the different reflections on intercessors who assist the lover in his ventures. All of these are according to the Hindu belief.

II. Sexual Union
This section of Kama Sutra has ten chapters revealing the sensual stimulation of desire, describing types of embraces, of caressing and kisses, making finger nail and bite marks on a partner, varied positions of lovemaking, sexual practices such as slapping with the hand and the corresponding moaning, signs of virile behavior in women, superior lovemaking and practices. The preludes and conclusions to the game of love as well are included. It also covers the 64 types of sexual acts which made the Kama Sutra renowned.

III. The Acquisition Of A Wife
The third section of the Kama Sutra is made up of five chapters, specializing on the subject of acquiring a wife. It explains the different forms of marriage, how to be at ease and confident with a girl, how to cope when unable to find a suitable wife and the union by marriage.

IV. About A Wife
This section consists two chapters dealing with the appropriate conducts of the only wife, the chief wife and the other wives a man may have had.

V. About The Wives Of Other People
Behaviors of women and men are comprised in the six chapters of this section of the Kama Sutra. It contains the following: methods of flirting with another man’s wife, how to get acquainted, assessment of feelings, the tasks and advantages of a negotiator, the king’s indulgence such as harem, how a brave man could enjoy it without being caught, and the proper conduct of a Hindu man in the women’s quarters.

VI. About Courtesans
This section also has six chapters dealing with the courtesans, advices on the choice of their lovers, on looking for a steady lover, renewing friendship with an ex-lover, how their skills could make money, how to manage their profits, and how to deal with the losses.

VII. The Means Of Attracting Others To One’s Self
The last section of Kama Sutra with only two chapters explores mainly on ways of improving physical self to attract others and empowering sexual abilities.

Kama Sutra 4

The Kama Sutra is one of the most intriguing books ever written even in our modern times. Though it existed around 2 to 5 century AD, it demonstrated a very unique perspective view of life in India. It was written in an ancient Indian language called Sanskrit by a religious scholar known as Vatsyayana.

The Kama Sutra Book is accepted as a love science and art. Actually, it is a guidebook of human desires, courtships and marriage which are still very applicable in managing relationship at present. It literally teaches the proper union of a man and a woman at physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It teaches ways of being a better lover and inspires innovation in lovemaking to spice things up.

When selecting Kama sutra positions, couples should first consider their physical capabilities. Flexibility and physical fitness such of an athlete are important requirements to possibly assume all the 84 postures in Kama Sutra. Couples should be doing these in a carefree and fun manner or end up with a mess. Do not be worried if you may not be able to perform all these positions but reading these will help stir the sensuality and creativity in your bedroom. Who knows, you’ll be able to have the athletic prowess by trying to practice them all?

Bear in mind always that the act is a absolute union of the couple, body and mind. As both neared the peak of pleasure, they become one entity achieving fulfillment.

Be involve, read on Kama Sutra and be in love…

Kama Sutra 3

Kama Sutra still has a lot more to offer than sexual positions. In Kama Sutra, making love is not just about the union of both partners’ sexual organs, but the intimacy that they both share in this experience.

Love making, as viewed by others should always be intense, hard and aggressive to be enjoyable but there are other ways as taught in Kama Sutra. Sometimes, couples need an easy relax romantic positions and these are the following:

The Rest of The Warrior

Couples could get a slow and lazy romance usually after a rigorous physical union. In this position, the woman lies on her back while her knees are flexed and her feet flat on the bed. The man passes his legs under her knees, his body alongside hers. Surely, he will hit her g-spot in this strange position. This will also allow them a sweet face to face interaction, hands are free to touch and play any part of their body.

The Touching Embrace

So far is the greatest position in stimulating the G-spot. The woman is held tightly between the man’s torso and thighs, giving direct contact with her g-spot. This position makes both of them unable to move as they are locked to one another. However, a rocking motion can be done as less deep thrusting is the purpose of this particular position which helps increase their arousal thus achieve ultimate pleasure together.

The Union of the Shy Woman

This is the position where a woman performs the art of teasing seduction. Best foreplay ever. Not a shy woman anymore as the name implies after mastering this feat. Simply done by whispering and kissing each other all over, enjoying the company of one another and touching the erogenous zones would create chills down to their spines.