Why Do We Fall In Love?


With so many break ups going on here and there, divorces and relationship crisis. In spite of getting hurt over and over again, we still long for love and still fall in love. It is a wonder why people still chooses to go through something that will in a way cause them heartaches. Myself included and perhaps you too can relate to it. So, why do we fall in love?

They say there are a various reasons why tend to do so. Some fortunate people actually fall in love for the right reasons, lucky for them. On the other hand, some people just do it out of lack of confidence, because they do not want live alone in their lives, which I personally think is not a good reason to fall in love. To sum it up, there are 2 grounds, it is either for the the right reason or unfortunately for the wrong reason.

The RIGHT Reasons

People fall in love because they wanted to share and give out that something good in them that they have. They want to be with someone, not because they are afraid of being alone but because they want to share their life with them and they enjoy the other person’s company.

When you are in the relationship for the right reason, you accept what is good but you don’t close your eyes from the negative aspects. This is where most people miss, they love the idea of falling in love but they don’t accept the facts of being in love.

There should be love from both parties, compromise, sincerity, understanding and trust. It should be mutual in every aspect, if and when you find yourself in a one-sided affair, then what is the point of being in the relationship. How can you say you are in love for the right reason when you are no happy at all or neither is your partner? Perhaps, because you are just afraid to let go and embarrassed to accept the reality.

The WRONG Reasons

When you are in a relationship where you happen to be the only one who cares or the other way around then that is not what you would call falling in love for the right reason.

What is there to work for when you despise each other, if you don’t seem to agree on something, if everyday is a war? You want to fall in love because you want to feel loved, cared for, important and be treated nicely. But if you don’t get any of those from the relationship, ask yourself – “what am I here for?”

If only people would understand the facts about falling in love, then there will be no break-ups, divorces and marital problems. To fall in love is the greatest thing you can ever go through in life. It magnifies all the goo things in your life a thousand fold and gives you a kind of joy you can not describe. But when you fall out of love, it crashes you to a point you can’t get up. But love is love, we are but humans, so easy to fall in love.



How Do You Keep Your Conversation On


A realtionship always starts with becoming friends and the best way to do it is by having good conversation. Getting to know each other will help you become closer. However, conversation may become boring when it becomes repetitive.

The things you talk about are all the same and are becoming too serious. Sometimes, instead of becoming closer, you suddenly feel exhausted and before you knew it, it’s over. So how do you keep it going, how do you keep the conversation alive? It’s not the topic or what you talk about but how you converse with the person that will make them wanna talk to you more. Here are some simple tips that may help.

1. Keep it light and act naturally. You have to draw the person into through your stories and conversation. But that does not mean you have to act out or pretend to be aomwthing you’re not or to make up stories that you’ve not experienced or done yourself.

You have to be honest always and natural. Otherwise you will sound so rehearsed. Pay attention to how you speak with people and how that person speakd to you. That is a good start.

2. Different topics every time. Sometimes repititive conversations becomes a bore. Make sure you know and remember what you’ve already told them. Avoid also repeating their words when you make a reply. If you do that, it’ll ruin it all. Echoing the other persons words will at times means you uninterrested to listen or you’re half conscious of the persons conversation. a total turn off.

3. Put some emotions into it. Pay attention when they talk, a good listener indicates you really want to hear more about what they say. Look at their facial expressions, responses and body movements. Movements shows how the people feel toward, it they are averted and keeps shifting position, they may be uneasy and uncomfortable. However if they are so drawn, then that is definitely something. It is also important that you maintain eye contact when talking. It shows sincerity.

There is really no specific rule as to how to do it. You just got to be your self all through each conversation. Don’t be too serious with your questions, depends on the time and day. If the peron is cracking some joke then go with it and enjoy the laugh, if things are becoming deep or a bit more sensitive then that is also the time maybe when you can be serious.

It’s not only how you converse or what you are and say, people like people who are natural and are just themselves.