Female Orgasm


Hey guys, did you ever consider making your female partner achieve orgasm during sex? Female orgasm is not a mechanical thing, as it is in men. If you want your girl to experience explosive orgasms, you have to know how to turn her on until she can no longer take it and begs you to take her.

Men should learn the various techniques on how to please her to make her have powerful orgasms. Be reminded that for women, this experience is more than just physical but also very emotional. Unlike men, they need to have certain conditions to get in the mood.

The following are 3 hot techniques you should take to help your woman build up pleasure and reach ultimate orgasm/s making you as the best lover she has ever had.

  • Tease Her Verbally. Start seducing her even early at day so to make her anticipate what you plan to do. Her anticipation will keep her excited and burning throughout. Give her a quick call on the phone saying like you can’t wait to get home to be with her and tell her some appreciative romantic words. You can also brush up against her or touch her lightly while telling your naughty plan with her. These will turn her on and continue doing it throughout the day to keep her in the mood till you come.
  • Seduce With Your Touch And Kisses. Kissing is one great way to arouse sexual feelings and to set off the passion. Give her kisses not just on the lips but anywhere on her body while caressing her everywhere. When you’re near the erogenous zones, tease then hold back. This will increase the heat intensity making her crave for more. At this moment, you may want to satisfy yourself but wait until she asks you. Pleasure should be a mutual thing and once this is realized, her orgasm will follow.
  • Tease With Your Manhood.  Never rush your foreplay. Take the time during the intercourse before you penetrate into her. The more you concentrate on the foreplay, the more intense orgasm she will experience. Once she’s ready, try to enter just the head of your penis and then pull out. Do it again to build up sexual tension. Then keep a regular deep steady rhythm until she arches her back which indicates her coming to orgasm.

Try the above techniques and you will make your partner more pleased, wanted and loved. Let her experience the best orgasm every time you have sex as you have your pleasure too.