Talking Dirty

Some people think that talking dirty is improper. It is so when you use it in your everyday speech but what if it’s just you and your lover around?

Talking dirty is another great form of foreplay which could arouse you and your lover. You may not be comfortable using it at first but with frequent practice, eventually it will become comfortable and natural for you.

The effectiveness of your dirty talk depends on the way how you deliver it too. Use soft sexy voices when talking dirty with each other. Whisper in his ears your needs and what you want him to do to you. This thing is called fun and sexy communication which can really spice up things between you and him.

You can start slow if you’re really too shy to do this. Try to start with a phrase like “I love you, I really want you…” and later on you can make progress by saying “you make me so hot” and more dirty and graphic language as you get comfortable with it. This will help build up anticipation and keep things exciting for both of you.

Encourage your lover to join you too because a two-way dirty conversation is much easier than you doing all the talking. Many relationships become weary and lost their magic because they stop communicating with each other.

It is very important and healthy for partners to let each one knows what they think and feel so they can react and provide the appropriate actions or emotions for one another.

Learn more methods on how to spice up your romance to keep your relationship steaming and working. Get bold and adventurous in your romance by talking dirty with each other. Explore and make their fantasies come true.