Make Him Fall Deeply In Love

Guys are a lot easier to understand that girls. Thy are straight-forward and direct and one can easily read their actions and motives. Although there are some who are quite too unpredictable, but most guys are the same.

There is also one common mistake most girls do, they think that guys are too physical. Well, I think any guy will be attracted to pretty and sexy girls but that doesn’t mean, that is all takes to make them fall. Those are superficial and guys like girls look deeper and beyond beauty when they mean love. So never ever try to change your whole appearance just to get him falling, madly deeply in love with you, because chances are, he’ll notice you’re trying too hard.

It is rather simple than you might think. Consider these steps and I am pretty sure, he’ll wear his heart on his shoulders for you.

1. Surprise him. Give him a call for no reason at all, just to say hi or ask about his day or how he’s been. This will give them the idea that you actually think about them. Make it a short call but a real sweet one. How? Ask if his doing well or has he eaten his lunch and that for no reason at all, you thought about him and so you called. And then before they totally react to the surprise, say goodbye. It will leave them hanging and wanting. Surely, he’ll call you back or send flowers and even maybe ask you out.

Make sure though that you don’t though it often. Calling fro time to time, leaving messages on their answering machine or private messages on their Facebook or texting them and stuff like that. You’d creep them out and feel as though you’re stalking them. The more you do that, the farther they’d move away.

Guys likes being cared for as much as girls do. Doing that will warm and melt his heart.

2. Leave something for the imagination. Even if you like the guy, don’t give in too much or lay everything out. Keep him interested by leaving him half way. If you guys are talking, ask more and say little about you and leaving the details somewhat hanging, this will make them more interested to know more about you.

In terms of intimacy and physicality. Don’t give it all but don’t make it feel as though your holding it out. Make them feel that there is more to come and unravel. And that there is more than what meets the eye. Keep them wondering.

However if you hold back too much, they’d think you’re withdrawn and uninterested. They might think of backing off, which is not what you would like them to do, right?

3. Feed him. The saying “The way to a man’s heart is to his stomach” may sound like myth but it is actually very true. Guy’s love t feel needed and doing manly things for their girl, but they want their girl to do girl thing for them as well. They love women who can cook, it’s just a thing with them that has been that way ever since.

Believe me, once you’ve fed them, they will fall under your mercy and do as you ask them to do.

Believe it or not, guys are the easiest to please. These little thing may seem rather simple but it is a sure way to a man’s heart.

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